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00Pumpkin RollBy Boost-KitchenEasy - Promise! No rolling it in a towel.
00Famous Baby Back RibsBy Boost-KitchenKeep a jar of this rub ready for 'Fall-off-the-Bone-Ribs' anytime! (good on other meats too)
00Hot Fudge Pudding CakeBy Boost-KitchenThis recipe has no eggs. Could be easily modified with gluten free flour. Be sure to have some ice cream on hand - this tastes like a 'Lava Cake'.
00Amish Friendship Bread – with starterBy Boost-KitchenAmish friendship bread is a type of bread or cake made from a sourdough starter that is often shared in a manner similar to a chain letter. The starter is a substitute for baking yeast and can be used to make many kinds of yeast-based breads, shared with friends, or frozen for future use
00Chili Mac and CheeseBy Boost-KitchenIt's something like a 'Goulash'. Use whatever type of pasta you have on hand.
00Sausage GravyBy Boost-KitchenPrep the Angel Biscuits the night before & you've got a quick & easy breakfast!
00Best Waffles EverBy Boost-KitchenYou don't need a big fancy kitchen-aide mixer.... but it helps.
00Bananaberry BreadBy Boost-KitchenBanana bread without the nuts! The blueberries add a whole new flavor dimension to this recipe. It's ok to substitute in whatever fruit is in season.
00Easy Egg MuffinsBy Boost-KitchenSubstitute in a lower sodium meat choice and use of liquid egg whites can make this a healthy choice!
00Sloppy JoesBy Boost-KitchenThe perfect home-made sloppy joes recipe! My girls know the difference & will not accept any imitations after eating this for years now.
00Easy Egg Drop SoupBy Boost-KitchenWhen your looking for a comforting soup broth - this hits the spot! *Tip - use a wide-prong fork to stir the egg if you like bigger pieces of egg in your soup.
10The Ultimate Peanut Butter Sandwich CookiesBy Boost-KitchenA sandwich cookie takes more effort than a drop cookie, because you have to make both cookies and filling. In addition, this recipe involves a chilling step and requires the cookies to be double-panned. But the results are worth it for the best-textured peanut butter cookie with the creamiest peanut filling.
10Key Lime CheesecakeBy Boost-KitchenReminiscent of Sara Lee's 1950s-era graham-cracker and sour-cream cheesecake, this version features a thick layer of delicious sour cream atop the creamy filling and tart Key lime custard.
00Old-Fashioned Mac and CheeseBy Boost-KitchenCutting carbs? Limiting Gluten? Sub in a chickpea pasta (such as banza). It cooks up and tastes a lot like regular pasta but packs extra protein and lacks gluten and wheat.
00Sweet, Sticky, and Spicy ChickenBy Boost-KitchenThis simple, but deliciously healthy chicken recipe can be used as bite sized appetizers or as a main dish with rice and a veggie!